When one thinks about the films of Kevin Smith and his "Jersey Trilogy" ("Clerks.", "Mallrats", and "Chasing Amy"), the main thing they recall is the super-tight and ultra-witty dialogue. Not a day goes by that a quote from one of those three movies doesn't make its appearance in our offices. Be it a "Bickety-Bam!" or a "Ooooh, Yanni," the lines that have flowed from Kevin and crew's minds and lips are amongst our favorites from cinematic history.

We're willing to bet that you're just as hooked on the dialogue as we are -- if not more so. To prove it, we've created a little game that'll test your memory on who said what. Each day (including weekends holidays!) we'll offer up 10 quotes for you to enjoy and identify. All you have to do is know who said the quote and in which movie it appeared. That's all. You'll get scored right away, and if you get a perfect score, you get to put your name up for all to see.

By the way, you no longer need to register to play this game...

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