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The 100

[Email Chris!] hris "Bjula" Bjuland is insane. Just ask Scoot or Ken. The man watches "Drop Dead Fred" and likes it. He goes to BMN not with the anticipation of seeing a truly awful film, but harboring the hope that somewhere within the twisted depths of celluloid there will be a redeeming feature to the flick that will vault it into the catagory of an enjoyable film. But with Ken in the lead, you think he'd know better by now. These movies are bad. Awfully Bean bad.

Chris was raised in Kansas City, MO, where during his college years he had the (mis?)fortune to have a run in with Scott and Ken. Believe me when I tell you, it was not love at first sight. Always on the wrong side of the Ken/Scoot law, Bjuland was the hated man on the block. But thanks to the missions of Ken "Rodney King" Wilson ("Why can't we all just get along?"), Bjuland was brought into the sacred flock, and life on Earth has never been the same.

Chris is an avid photographer who will someday make the break from campus life (He's graduated, so why doesn't he leave already?) and continue his passion of photographing young, beautiful women. It will be at that moment that Ken will look upon Chris with fatherly love and cry a tear as the 27 year old boy finally steps foot into the real world. Scoot will be on hand to offer advice about sentient Sprite cans and dance in joy as the boy finally makes the break from his sheltered UMKC existance.

But in the meantime, the three amigos will continue to gather and feast like carrion over the twisted remains of God awful movies. This, my friends, is what Bad Movie Night is all about.

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