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t is about damn time that you came by this section to meet the idiots behind this whole travesty. "Bad Movie Night" began numerous years back with Ken M. Wilson, self-proclaimed film junkie. While visiting his brother in Texas during the mid-80s, young Kenny -- as he was known back then -- chanced upon a rental called "It Came From Hollywood," a documentary of sorts on low-budget and no-budget films. Ken soaked up the film with its no-holds-barred heckling from the likes of Cheech and Chong, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner and John Candy. Several years later, Joel Hodges would bring this style of comedy to the masses with "Mystery Science Theatre 3000" -- get a group of friends together, go see a bad movie, and revel in the moments of bashing and witty stabs that ensue. It was this type of comraderie that Ken wanted to share with his best friends.

Fast-forward to 1997. Ken, itching to create another web site with as much content as his first major personal project (The 80s Server), began designing and coding on Thanksgiving Day at 9am and didn't let up until midnight. In other words, the site you are currently visiting is either an intense labor of love or proof that Ken needs to get a life.

Best friends Scott "Scooter" Murdock and Chris "Bjula" Bjuland were not only brought into the fray by being dragged to view such classics as "Gone Fishin'," "Barb Wire," and "Dolemite II: The Human Tornado," they were also enlisted to work on this site to bring it to life. Hats off to all three for getting it done in such a short period of time.

Basically, they're three guys that love what they do and want to share this fun portion of their lives with the rest of the world... inviting you to form your own "Bad Movie Night" groups and hit the theatres one night a week. Come on, you owe it to yourself. It's a blast!

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