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The 100

Basic Instinct
Reviewed by Nathan Johnston
Rating: 7.5 Beans

et's here it for Joe Eszterhas folks... no-one in Hollywood could be so caring towards the women's movement. I mean the guy is a serial rapist waiting to happen. He's done about as much for the women's movement as Hugh Grant did for British/American relations. With women in the movie sprouting lines such as "I wasn't dating him, I was f***ing him", it really shows that he cares for the fairer sex. The studios that keep producing his screenplays, have in my mind, the credability of Mike Tyson's psychiatrist and the Nevada Boxing Commission.

I remember the uproar that this movie caused when it was released... its amusing to think that you can now find more controversial viewing on commercial TV. However, at the time this released I was a 15 year old male and my friends and I were adamant that Sharon Stone was the greatest actress in Hollywood (damn that's a hard admission to make) and woe betide anyone who suggested otherwise. This movie was also the best thing to come out of Hollywood... ever. We used to have open debates as to who was the killer. The shame of it all, I confess, forgive me. Ahhh, how the years - all 7 of 'em - have mellowed my ways. Anyway, I digress... I should really review the movie.

You should all know the plot and shame on you if you don't. But here's a recap. We have a dead rock singer, killed with an ice pick and his girlfriend Catherine Tramell is the prime suspect after its discovered she wrote a book describing the murder in exact detail. Burnt out cop Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) is put on the case and being the screw up that he is starts shagging the main suspect. She begins to write another murder novel, using Curran as a basis for the victim. They shag some more until Curran's piece on the side - a police psychatrist Beth Garner (Jeanne Tripplehorn) - warns him of Tramell. Of course he doesn't listen and they shag some more. Stuff then starts tying together and it seems that Garner and Tramell knew each other at college and... shock horror... were once lovers. Anyways, it comes down to a show down as to who is the killer, Tramell or Garner. Curran kills one of them and screws the other one a final time. No will care about this by this time and will be fast forwarding to the afore mentioned sex scene at the end of the movie (or is that just me). Other crap happens, but its exactly that... crap, and not worth mentioning. Torture yourself again to get all the details.

Mixed up all in between that convoluted plot are some really really really amusing goings on. For instance we have experienced psychologists showing personal evaluation files to anyone who glances evily at them. This would have them suspended and de-registered. But what the hey... it could happen, especially with a police psychiatrist. Also, when they aren't showing confidental information, these shrinks are making deductions so obvious that Freud would be turning in his grave. We have a shrink givning the standard "that the killer is very ill" speech. No shit Sherlock, and Don King had the Holyfield/Lewis fight fixed.

Then we have a seasoned police officer mimicking the actions of the main suspect. Very reassuring, can you imagine a detective in the real world acting like this? I can picture it now... "Officer after you've wiped the drool coming from your mouth and have the maniacal glint out of your eye, could you please get my cat out of the tree?". Or how about a letting a murder suspect use you as the murder victim in a book? Hands up who would have ran like a bitch when they found out that piece of information.

Even being male I find it amusing the control women can have over men just by suggesting sex to them. Hell, I suppose I'm the same, but I'd have serious doubts about a woman who uses sex as a way to mourn the death of her lover. However it does lead to one line in the movie with Nick's partner Gus (George Dzunda) saying "She's got that magnetic pussy that's gone fried up your brain".

C'mon guys we all know its true.

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