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The 100

Leprechaun 2
Reviewed by Nathan Johnston
Rating: 6.5 Beans

his sequel to the 1993 movie Leprechaun is every bit as bad as its predecessor, they are pretty much on par with each other. This movie didn't have me running to Ireland (Waynes World 2 reference - see my "Leprechaun" review), but it did have me running to the medicine cabinet looking for some sedatives, I really needed to knock myself out after this. Unfortuately, all I could find were some headache tablets. Still, I took half the pack and was thankfully zonked out half an hour later.

The annoying thing about this was that I let myself get suckered in initally. The opening scene of the movie was decent enough to trick me into believing that I might find this movie enjoyable. All my fears were alleviated when the scream that signified the opening credits occurred. I was at ease again, but still annoyed at myself.

Well, this time the little green sod (that's the Leprechaun, played by Warick Davis) is celebrating his 1000th birthday by taking a bride (something he can only do every 1000 years). In the opening scene he is telling his slave William O'Day (James Lancaster) of the woman he has picked for his bride. It turns out to be O'Day's daughter and at the price of his freedom and his life, he saves her. Before killing O'Day the leprechaun places a curse on O'Day's linage saying that he will wed a woman of O'Day's offspring come his next 1000th birthday. Cut to modern time and this unfortunate lass happens to be called Bridget (Shevonne Durkin) and she's having a bad time with her boyfriend Cody (Charlie Heath). The little Irish bastard then intervenes and takes poor Bridget as his bride against her will. Cody then - with the help of his legal guardian Morty (Sandy Baron) - has to get Bridget back to prove his love to her.

No-one in this movie can act... not one bit... at all... ever... if their lives depended on it. Shevonne Durkin's performance is exceptionally good, she has all but three facial expressions throughout the movie (although she does have nice breasts... hey, I can't help it, I'm male). However, my personal favorite was the meathead security guard. I can't remember the actor but he tries to be tough, however his lines come accross as completely inept.

One thing I didn't understand is that in the first movie the leprechaun was killed with a four-leaf clover. In this movie he can only be killed with wrought iron. Go figure. This had me befuddled, but it did provide some laughably stupid moments in the movie. For example, how many people do you think it would take to move a 3 X 3 X 5 foot wrought iron safe? Ten? Twelve? More? No people, apparently we a all weaklings, such safes can be moved by a sixteen year old kid and a sixty year old man. I've gotta hit the gym.

Oh God, how could I forget. In an instance of sheer pain, the leprechaun's car, which I now call the "Lep-Mobile" is back, and its had a face-lift. Old Lep has gone for the full body kit and He's transformed a normal go-kart into a vehicle of death. It even has a top detail job with the words "I want me Gold" written - funnily enough in gold paint - all over it. Also, this model of the Lep-Mobile comes with a free "No Four-Leafed Clovers" sticker on its bonnet. Like the No Smoking sign, except that a clover replaces the cigarette. At this point I closed my eyes and wished the movie away, it didn't work dammit.

The one-liners also fly in this movie, and they are all bad. There is one scene where Ol' Lep rips off a guys finger to take his gold ring. Upon liking some blood off his finger, he quips "Finger Lickin' Good". Later in the movie, Morty is hancuffed by a security guard who warns "Don't mess with me, I've had 60 hours of combat training". Morty knocks him out and retorts "You should have had 65". Je-sus, kill me now. No-one should have to listen to crap like that, I don't care who you are.

This movie is continuing a great bad movie trend that started with the original. I can't to see the remaining two sequels in the series. Woo Hoo.

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