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The 100

Light of Day
Reviewed by Phillip Barry
Rating: 7 Beans

am not going to begin and tell you that I did not have a reason for seeing this movie. I knew before I even rented the movie that it was not going to be any good. However there is one reason I had to see this movie which I will get to later.

First off the movie stars Joan Jett (in her first major motion picture (she was a rock star of sorts in the early eighties)) and Michael J. Fox (you know from Family Ties and such) as sibling rockers in this Cleveland Rock Band called the Barbusters. Well this band is not signed and they are having trouble making money so, Pattie (Jett) decides to steal some tools so she can barter them to get the necessary equipment. However she steals them from Joe's (Fox) co-worker's sister, and Joe gets confronted. This is when Joe must go to his mom and ask for the money so they can keep their equipment.

Well this is also when the viewer really gets to see first hand just how much tension there is from the God loving mother (played by Gena Rowlands) and Pattie, the single mother, whose mother feels threw away her whole life. It bugs Jeanette (Rowlands) that Pattie cannot tell her who the father of her child is. Anyhow Joe is able to get the money and all is good.

But no. Joe returns to work to find out he is laid off from the factory he was working at. So the band can now tour. This is how they decide will be the vest way to live. So they tour for awhile, but Pattie and her new groupie boy friend use Pattie's son to steal some steaks from a grocery store in Michigan. Well Joe sees this and leaves. But not after a heated debate which sees such great lines as "You got a real bad tude little bro. You should start your own band called The Attitudes". It almost made me want to turn it off, but no I had to wait for my sole reason to rent this movie.

Ok so now Joe has taken the kid and gone running back to his mom. Well Patties hates this idea, and she decides to join this little metal band. Well all would be well, except that she can't take her boy on the road with her, Joe won't let her. They fight and Joe wins

So time passes. Joe and Benny (the kid) get closer, and the boy starts calling Joe dad. Joe does not like this, and pleads with Pattie to come home. Well Pattie sees it as an attempt for Joe to get her to agree with her mother, and once again they argue.

Anyhow all this time thier mom has been dying of ovarian cancer. Well Joe tells Pattie, and she comes home. Well it is at this point that my reason for watching comes into play. This little band called The Problems is going to play. Well the keyboardist is none other than Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. I had to see him before he was famous kinda thing. Well anyway, Pattie and her mom make up, and Pattie tells her who the father was. I will not reveal this since some sick twisted individual might want to see this movie. I hope not, but you never know.

Anyway now for my rating....I give the movie a rating of 8 beans. however since Trent (who i commmonly call god) is in the movie I will reduce the beans to oh 5. But wait he is barely in it so I can't really reduce it too much (his name does appear in the credits) so the final rating is a 7. Thank you for your patience in what has been my very first review on this site. Thank you.

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