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The 100

Reviewed by Steve Crow
Rating: 8 Beans

see this has already been reviewed, but a bad flick like this just deserves a bit more attention.

In the tradition of all great bad horror movies, Mosquito starts with an alien spacecraft crashing to Earth. In a scene ripped screaming from War of the Worlds, an alien-suckered arm slithers out of an open hatch and then collapses. A mosquito takes a bite, and before you know it there's giant mosquitos in dem there hills!

Happy couple Hendricks and Megan (Ron Asheton: a member of The Stooges, and Rachel Loiselle: nothing else in particular) are driving through the woods and hit a giant mosquito. They are unable to identify what it is, even those Megan is an entomologist. Their car damaged, they head up the road to a motel. Meanwhile, Parks (Steve Dixon) is a meteorologist zipping through the woods looking for a meteor, and campers and a traveling bunch of three criminals start to get hit on by giant mosquitos. One of the criminals die and the other two make their escape, while pretty much every camper gets all the fluids sucked out of their bodies.

Hendricks, Megan, and Parks eventually find the camp and a single survivor, Ray. They try to head back to the city in an abandoned Winnebago to warn the authorities (because the phones are out - giant mosquitos always take out the phone lines first). They come across the two criminals, Earl (Gunnar Hansen - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Junior, who try to take their RV. Guns get drawn on one side and the other, punches are thrown, and the giant mosquitos move in for the kill. After wrecking the RV and losing Junior, they take refuge in a sewer pipe until the next sunrise, and then find an abandoned farmhouse. Taking refuge there, they discover they're at the epicenter of the meteor landing, and the cell is filled with soon-to-be-hatching eggs. They manage to blow up the house, although Earl and Ray buy the farm ( to speak). And so our movie ends with every mosquito conveniently having come to the farmhouse and being blown up.

One thing you can say for Mosquito: it zips right along. A half hour into the flick and pretty much everyone's dead! That leaves our protagonists to do...well, really, not much for the last two-thirds of the flick. They try to get back to civilization, which seems to involve them zooming along at 60 miles an hour in the middle of the night on bad road for what seems like forever. After using fire to thwart the mosquitos from getting at them in the sewer (smoke inhalation doesn't seem to be much of a concern here), they then manage to stumble across the farmhouse which is fortunately the one place they need to blow up the place to stop the mosquitos. And to add a final insult to injury, the meteor guy, Parks, manages to avoid the mosquitos _and_ survive the explosion by hiding in a refrigerator.

The special effects are about the bare minimum necessary to portray giant flying mosquitos. The life-size models don't move at all except for the wings in the long shots, while sub-par Hercules levels of CGI are used for the group and flying shots and we get puppet heads for the close-ups. Naturally, people can run for miles until the mosquitos (mostly filmed from a POV camera) catch up to them, unless the plot says otherwise.

The cast is mediocre at best. Gunnar Hansen gets to laugh it up with a chainsaw reference (he played Leatherface). Rachel Loiselle seems to have been paid based on how many times she uses the word "proboscis". Ron Asheton is okay, although he looks disconcertingly like a young Robert Picardo with hair. And poor Ray (Tim Lovelace) doesn't even get a death scene! Everyone else is eminently forgettable.

Overall, there's a little more humor here, but basically this is a flick in the proud tradition of low-budget 50's giant bugs movie. And it's just about as enjoyable.

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