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The 100

Under Cover
Reviewed by Stephenee Snell
Rating: 7.5 Beans

pen to a dark shipyard. A drug deal is taking place! The cop on the stake-out is watching and listening intently from his car which is just a few yards away from the deal, completely out in the open and unhidden! Just when the bust is to go down-oh no! The cop forgot to turn down his walkie-talkie! The drug deal breaks up! There's a car chase! Then there's a foot chase! And just when the cop tells the dealer to show his hands, the dealer pulls a gun and kills the cop!

Thus opens "Under Cover", truly one of the lamest cop movies I've ever seen.

Sheffield, or Sheff (David Neidorf) was best friends with the killed cop so he's hot-to-trot to pick up his buddy's case. He goes down to Port Allen, South Carolina to go undercover in a high school to catch druggies! There's just a slight problem: this guy doesn't look young enough to pass for a high school kid! He's got a receeding hairline, for God's sake! Oh, sorry, I'm nitpicking. Back to our story: so Sheff is assigned to chief of police Irwin Lee (Barry Corbin) and partnered with Tanille Lareoux (Jennifer Jason Leigh) who is also going in undercover.

Sheff looks like a geekier version of Forrest Gump and just can't seem to get chummy with the druggies. Lareoux goes in as a total smart-ass slut and makes buys right and left. Then Sheff goes out for the baseball team! And becomes the star pitcher! And befriends a black team mate-taboo in Port Allen! And then Lareoux has to save his ass a couple of times because he doesn't know what the hell he's doing! What an undercover man!

Sheff finally gets a drug buy only he doesn't really do the buying, he gets another kid to do it for him which really kind of defeats the whole purpose of going undercover. Now these hick kids don't buy $10 or $20 bags of smoke, a tab or two of ex, or a quarter of blow. Oh no! They buy hundreds of dollars worth of coke!

Bust day comes to school and Sheff narcs the kid who he gave the money to buy the drugs, which I thought kind of sucked, I mean, Sheff asked him to do it and wasn't that Sheff's job in the first place? Stop it, Steph, you're nitpicking again! The black kid gets busted for the dead cop deal and Irwin tells the undercover cops he's got a box full of letters from kids whose lives have been turned around now! Isn't that special?

Sheff, being the efficient detective, just doesn't think the black kid did it and he and Chief Irwin talk about it and the chief knew where a gun was hidden only Sheff hadn't written the report yet about the gun location...okay, are you catching on?

Sheff and Lareoux do some snooping, find out that this guy Terry is in on it, set up Terry and Irwin and wait to arrest everyone! Only Terry catches on! And there's another shoot-out! And just when Sheff finishes beating the shit out of Terry, Irwin goes to shoot him! Then Lareoux has to shoot her mentor Irwin! But in the end, Irwin lives! And the black kid is released! And Lareoux goes back to Georgia! And Sheff goes back to Baltimore! And what was the damn purpose of this mess anyway?!

Neidorf's prior claim to fame had been small roles in "Platoon" and "Hoosiers" and why they thought this guy could carry a pic, I have no idea. He sweats a whole lot.

As for Jason-Leigh, she plays the role of undercover cop ten times better in "Rush."

It's not a badly made movie-it's just a bad movie. Steer clear of "Under Cover." As a matter of fact, steer clear of any geeky looking, receeding hairline Forrest Gump lookalikes: ya never know!

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