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The 100

Sweet Savior
Reviewed by Ned Daigle
Rating: 10 Beans

rented this flick under its alternate title "The Love-Thrill Murders" from the cult movie section at the video store. I was hesitant because I usually don't really go for movies released by Troma, they are just bad and not in an enjoyable way. Before I watched it, I checked out some background info on IMDB and imagine my shock and excitement when the title "Sweet Savior" showed up!

A little background here is needed. Many years ago while watching a cable movie review show, the two critics were doing a special on the worst movies ever made. Anyway, at the end, the guys each gave their choice for the single worst flick they had ever seen, and one of the them chose "Sweet Savior", I had been looking for it ever since. (the other guy chose a movie called "Futz!" so if anyone knows where I can get that one....)

"Sweet Savior" is a truly atrocious hippie-flick that tries to pass itself of as a sort-of Charles Manson "Helter Skelter" wannabe, but boy does it suck. At times it seems all serious and violent, but then it goes off the wall into deliriously bad comedy and even some slapstick!

Troy Donahue (yes, Troy Donahue) stars as colorful cult leader Moon. At the beginning we are given a cult induction ceremony when a pretty young waif named Faith is laid on an altar, sprinkled with divine wine (or blood, who can tell?), and then Moon disrobes and has sex with her. Many of the other cult chicks talk rapturously about having "sex with God". Die hard Christians would go nuts over the Jesus and sex references here. Next are the credits with the "Sweet Savior" theme song and images of Troy Donahue riding a hog through the city.

So, now the cult needs drugs. To get the stash from their connection (a pretzel vendor), Moon orders Faith and cult member Ruth, to take the guy to a room and have sex. This hilarious sequence is done with Ruth giving oral sex to the vendor, with Faith making funny faces all the while would-be zany music is playing on the soundtrack. After the deed is done, Ruth spits out the, er, results.

The rest of the flick has Moon, Ruth, Faith and cult dude Bull, going over to an actress's house for a party of sex and debauchery. They call the cultists freaks, the cultists call them pigs and beasts, but they all decide to have sex together anyway. A blonde female party guest has a lengthy lesbian sex scene with Faith, Ruth does it with a swinging couple, and Bull gets stuck with Fritzi, an offensively effiminate gay guy. Their scene is quite riotous, Fritzi shows up in the bedroom with wig, heels and lingerie much to Bull's chagrin, but Fritzi claims he really is a woman but had a penis transplant from a Danish sailor. Naturally Bull believes it.

The grand finale has Moon ordering the butchering of the party guests. The blonde gets a meat fork in the stomach, the couple is offed with the woman laid on the dining room table and stabbed and the man's throat is slit. Fritzi is stabbed in the basement, and our hostess is chased through the house (topless of course) until Faith stabs her in the indoor swimming pool.

After the deed, the hippies are stopped by a cop, but, never fear, they are let go with a warning. That's all. The end credits are exactly like the beginning, Troy Donahue again rides his cycle, hippie-hair whipping behind him, until he stops and gives the bird to a skyscraper.

I can see why the critic chose this slop as the worst movie ever. Not that I agree, sadly, I think I've seen worse. The acting is abyssmal, the cheap sets rival those of Ed Wood movies (there seems to be exactly two, I think they use the same bedroom set for everything just decorated a tad differently), wretched musical numbers (apart from two performances of the "Sweet Savior" theme song, there are other hippie performances like "Damn Damn the Modern Man"), and really tasteless Charles Manson-Sharon Tate references. Oh, and there are lots of ugly, naked, hippie girls.

Pointless in the extreme and wretched on every level. "Sweet Savior" or "The Love Thrill Murders" is one unholy experience.

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