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The 100

Reviewed by James Cochrane
Rating: 7.5 Beans

s a Canadian I feel it to be my duty to defend, promote and flood the market with extreme propaganda regarding Canadian music, Canadian Writers and Canadian Film and Television. It is a feeling that the Government decided was a novel approach to Canada having its own ‘IDENTITY’ and they, in turn, introduced the ‘CANADIAN CONTENT’ HoopLa (which is complete bulls**t (not to get totally political in you)). In one hand, I believe Canada’s ‘artist’ community has gotten the Bum’s Rush for many years as far as Fame and Popularity is concerned on the other hand of course just because the ‘artist’ is Canadian does not constitute them to be anything special. I believe that deep inside our governments’ heart of hearts, as well as the general populace of Canada we are just glad that America notices us and half of our mission is solved. The second part of said mission is to have every American know that Canadian’s do not live in Igloos and/or we are not South of you.

That being said, I introduce to you SODBUSTERS- a Eugene Levy film (one of the guys I would love to grow up as- save for the Afro). Eugene Levy is big here in Canada and has shown up in American movies from time to time and occasionally writing a script with another well-known Canadian or two. He was the star of one of my all-time favourite ‘BAD MOVIES’ Cannibal Girls (which I hope to review at a later time), he also was a big help in putting the TV show MANIAC MANSION together (another great show). He, unfortunately has spent plenty of his time writing and directing this Made-for-Cable western that is, in all honesty, very bad- with a few laughs thrown in to screw you up.

Sodbusters is the story of several families who are living a peaceful and happily naïve life doing what they do best: Farming. The big man on campus has been informed that the railroad is planning the take a rather large detour around their little town if He does not get all the Farmers to sell their land by a certain date. Thus introduces the basic-I’ve-seen-this-before plot…A stranger rides into town, aptly named Destiny, to fill the troubled farmers hearts with delusions of grandeur on keeping their land.

I taped this off SuperChannel many years ago and once a year I pull it out and give her a good watch through for ‘ol times sake. It is a bad movie through and through- Mr. Levy’s directing is missing that SCTV charm that I so hoped would show up, and with the slew of actors he got to fill the screen you would think that something amazing would appear on that Silver Screen in the Sky. Nothing. I apologize to Mr. Levy, being a fan and Canadian, but I do not forsake him or condemn him- Hey Speilberg made 1942- Yuch.

I list all the relevant actors here for your perusal and enjoyment in knowing that even the greats’ can slip into the slew of Mediocrity.

Kris Kristofferson star of LoneStar and classic Country Western singer
John Vernon star of many, many movies notably: Ernest Goes to Camp/ Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Fed Willard star of Roxanne and Waiting for Guffman
Wendel Meldrum (beautiful!) her greatest performance as ‘Low Talker in Seinfeld ‘Puffy Shirt
Max Gail star of Barney Miller
John Hemphill star of Maniac Mansion as HARRY THE FLY
Don Lake perhaps best known from Bizarre and the Super Dave Osborne Show
George Buza star of Manic Mansion as Turner and Meatballs II (with Shannon Tweed)
James Pickens, Jr. as Assistant Director Kersh on the X-Files
Earl Pastko from the greatest episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents ‘The Jar’ directed by the man himself Tim Burton

Now, you see- all these classic actors from all the classic ‘Cheesy’ TV and Movies our world has ever come to know and love and nothing.

Note: One of my favourite scenes involves the town butcher and the towns Black Blacksmith. We find out through a series of conversations and sideways glances that these two are ‘IN THE LOVE WAY’ and both are uncomfortable with talking to each other about it. (Brilliant scene) Later they decide that they want to sell and move to San Francisco (for no apparent reason than it sounded like an fun place).

There are some choice scenes here that I could list and then you wouldn’t have to see Sodbusters but that would spoil the enjoyment of searching for, renting and experiencing the wonderful world of BAD MOVIES. I guarantee you will laugh and Sneer and laugh at Sodbusters. And if you can’t find it hold a silent protest and make them get it in for your children’s children’s sake (and while your at it have the video store get ERASERHEAD in- a great movie (but that’s another review and another site entirely))

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