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The 100

ere at the "Bad Movie Night" web site we strive to bring you the ultimate guide to the good, the bad, and the ugly and... wait a minute, wait a minute. Who are we kidding? We're only three guys that get together once a week to see a bad movie or two. We can't possibly live up to such a huge endeavor. So, we're asking you to join us in reviewing the flicks you see on "BM Night."

Now, we could open this up for anyone and everyone to write their own reviews but we have ulterior motives (see BM Awards). What we're looking for is additional reviewers to submit their personal take on each film they view, be it on "BM Night" or at home with a rental. The first week of each month we'll select the top five applicants from the previous month's submissions to welcome aboard as new reviewers.

We're looking for a few good men and women that *REALLY* know their movie stuff. We're not kidding. In order to join the hard-core "BM Night" reviewers, you'll need to take a 100 trivia-question test on movies. If you complete it, you'll then be asked to write a short review of a film of our choice (don't worry, you'll have seen it). That's it. The three of us will then sit back and look at your quiz results, read your review, and vote on your acceptance. More than likely, you'll make it. We're pretty easy-going -- it's not like our writing is the best, either!

So, wanna try out for what could possibly become the single greatest line you could ever pen on your resume? Get going, then...

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